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Put our consulting expertise to work for you - No project too large or too small.


B2S will work with the client to understand the client's needs and requirements. Our goal is to support our customers so that they can achieve successful completion of their projects.  

Link Analysis

B2S performs link analysis for SATCOM, Microwave, Terrestrial Data Links, and Multipath Fading Channels based on desired parameters, scenario, environment, and geographic location. The analysis can be used to validate proof-of-concept, identify problems, determine data rates, help determine equipment requirements such as antenna size and transmitter power, waveform selection, receiver requirements, link availability, bandwidth utilization, and cost tradeoffs. We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of bandwidth sharing techniques such as carrier-n-carrier, signal processing techniques such as forward error correction and to design systems that minimize cost and bandwidth while maximizing availability.  

Systems Engineering

B2S designs, analyzes and evaluates the communication systems or products that meets the needs of the client. This may include feasibility assessments defining requirements, architecture definition, writing specifications, generating cost estimates, trade studies, defining interconnections, analyzing/predicting performance, and performing co-site analysis.
B2S assists in interpreting and developing standards and specifications for both commercial and military systems. We can also perform system troubleshooting, find and identify problems, perform root-cause analysis, and design solutions and workarounds.  


Product Design

B2S designs and develops communications system products for our clients. As specialists in Signal Processing and RF Design we offer a unique innovative view, and with our extensive experience in product design we design to cost with a focus on intuitive operation, easy to use interfaces, and efficient implementation.       

Technical Documentation

B2S produces technical documents and engineering drawings as needed. These may include documents such as schematics, interconnect drawings, specifications, requirements, test plans, test procedures, technical descriptions, etc.  We can also help you with reports, proposals, and presentations.

Integration & Test

B2S performs both field and lab, test and integration of satellite earth stations or terrestrial stations and equipment. This can include verification, validation, and performance testing of systems and components such as RF chains, amplifiers, filters, up-converters, down-converters, interference cancellers, linearizers, antennas, modems, and baseband equipment.

B2S designs test strategies and provides an INDEPENDENT source to assure interoperability and validate performance of your communications systems and components.  

    Project Management

B2S performs project planning, generates & manages schedules and budgets, manages acquisition and oversees suppliers and contractors. We work to insure that your project is completed on-time and within budget. Our management philosophy is to operate efficiently, be accessible, and maintain open and honest communications with our customers, suppliers, and partners at all times.

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